Sunday, November 3, 2013

AEDM#2 & #3

I've got some art to post! Aside from some projects that I am currently working on, I've got two pieces for Days2&3
For Day 3 I knew I had paint this quote as soon as I read it on someone's wall. It's a quote by Jack Canfield...a wise man:)
I decided to join in on Saturday Patterns that CPhelps Designs is arranging and will soon blog on. I'll attach a link as soon as I get that. That's the art I created on Day 2 using Lino stamps I made. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great week!
FranT/ WeThree3 xo

Saturday, November 2, 2013

hello there

Oh boy, its been a while. I've been wrapped up with work for a number of weeks.
I've been relying on Instagram to stay connected mostly, so I've neglected my blog. To be completely honest, IG is so much easier to use :)  It's like the name says, instant. No uploading, tagging, linking, etc. But I'm going to try to keep this blog moving along:)
Like I said I'm crushed by my day job but trying my best to keep creative! And I just started AEDM for November this month

and will be hashtag-ing that on IG and Facebook.

RECENT TRIP to NYC in October. Crawling around town with my brother and his crew, up from Florida! Oh the things you'll see....

Some work I've been up to, there's more on Instagram. Please click the link on the side bar to view:)

Take care and I'll be back soon! I promise:)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a Cakewalk!

This summer I was asked by a friend of mine to design
a logo as she begins her own communications firm.
I was really honored to have her ask me.
Deborah was brilliant to work with and
knew exactly what she wanted.
 I enjoyed researching and creating the artwork. 
Lastly, I am thrilled that she is pleased
with how it all turned out!
Here's a collage showing the front of the business card as well as images
of some fabulous items that were made especially for the launch party -
cookies with QR code, beer glasses and cupcakes with the Cakewalk logo! 
I was also asked to create artwork to give as favors
to those attending the launch party.
 The idea was to make small pieces of art.
And if anyone had a favorite quote, I illustrated theirs.
 I can't tell you how much fun I had doing this!
I am not the most outgoing person at parties so this
was a super way to spark a conversation with other party-goers.
I created a collage of some of the pieces I made.
I didn't get a good shot of them all, and one or two
I completely forgot to photograph! (too much wine!) 
However, below are most of them:
I got a kick out of some of the quotes that people came up with! 
What a terrific experience this has all been.
I'll be back posting again soon. This has been a busy summer.
I'll be off this week on vacation and hoping to catch
up on visiting blogs and creating some artwork.
I've been working mostly in my little Moleskine books.
Thanks for stopping by and for visiting.
I love getting your comments :)
Thanks for leaving such lovely notes!
Take care, Fran T xo

Monday, August 5, 2013

Small work

I spoke too soon:) I didn't get a bit of painting in this past weekend!
But it's all good. I was creative in my yard.
Raking up grass clippings, weeding, but most important -observing.
I'm trying to keep simple and I'm jotting,
sketching and doodling things down into my little sketch book.
keeping things easy...

just drawing with not too much intensity between my ears...

documenting a meal...

Thanks so much for all the nice comments I've received so far this summer.
I hope all is well and I'm planning on visiting some more blogs this weekend.
Enjoy the weather. It's been downright delightful here and the humidity
has disappeared for a little while.
Take care,
Fran T xo